Looking for strategies to engage students?

For ways to make learning stick?

Want your students to make sense of learning?


Happy girls with book
Do More Than Tell Students Information
by designing for their engagement.


Students working at table
Make Students Active Participants
in their own learning.

Diverse happy elementary students
Collect Strategies to Use
in all subjects, for all ages, for deeper learning.

Dr. Amie Weinberg looking into the camera
Why Micro-courses?
Educators are busy, so I create professional
learning that:
*fulfills a need
*can be completed in a short time
*condenses information and strategies
*can be immediately implemented.

Teaching is More Than Telling:

´╗┐Student Engagement Strategies

This just might be the most useful course you've ever taken. You'll learn strategies to implement right away, and your behavior concerns will diminish because students are involved in the lessons. Infographics, charts, and downloads included.

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