Are your students "doers" in the classroom?

Do you know how to vary "more teacher involvement" and "less teacher involvement" so students will benefit?

Carefully considering what you should teach to the whole class and what students can learn themselves will guide you when planning powerful lessons.

children looking at school work
Plan Activities
for small groups of students.

Teacher in front of classroom with students' hands raised
Evaluate Which Lessons
you teach to the entire class vs. planning for student agency
Man seated at front of classroom
Combine the Best
from pandemic teaching with your own expert choices.

Dr. Amie Weinberg looking into the camera
Why Micro-courses?
Educators are busy, so I create professional learning that:
*fulfills a need
*can be completed in a short time
*condenses information and strategies
*can be immediately implemented.

Promoting Student Agency

Choosing Teacher-led or Student-led Activities

Follow the guidance this course provides to make decisions about which lessons you will teach to the entire class and which ones can be student-led. Infographics, charts, and downloads included.