Do you wish you had more time to work with students?

Would you like to maximize teaching experiences?

Want to teach the way you know is best?

Harnessing the power of pre-recording lesson chunks and directions can give you the time you crave.

Close-up of camera lens
Harness the Power of
by pre-recording an experiment.


Girl with ear buds
Students Will View Recording
prior to or during class.

Alarm clock
Create Time to Work with Students
when partners reflect on the experiment.
Dr. Amie Weinberg looking into the camera
Why Micro-courses?
Educators are busy, so I create professional
learning that:
*fulfills a need
*can be completed in a short time
*condenses information and strategies
*can be immediately implemented.

Creating Time To Teach:

Harnessing the Power of


Follow the guidance this course provides to create and use videos within your classroom. You'll then have time to work with small groups or individual students. Infographics, charts, and downloads included.